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40 Years of reliability

Simar has its origins in Unterriexingen near Markgröningen. In view of the continual growth, the company moved its head office to Vaihingen/Enz in 1992. Its Development, Sales and Assembly departments enjoy the best local conditions there. Simar also has branches as well as sales and servicing partners in over 30 countries. Simar stands for reliability - worldwide.
Made in Germany


The durability of our products is, therefore, an important feature. For us, the constant optimisation of machinery and processes or innovative new developments are, just as importantly, characteristics of quality. Last but not least, in the total reliability as well as the partnership work with our customers and suppliers, we see a high level of quality that cannot be measured in figures.
Technology Innovation


Knowhow and experience spanning many years make Simar your Partner with the competence to find solutions in almost all branches. Trustworthy cooperation as well as compliance with deadlines and quality standards are for us a matter of course. Our aim is for our customers to find the optimal solution at all times. Hence we are continuously improving services, products and processes, and maximising the benefits to customers on a daily basis. Trust in our motto: Technology Innovation. Made in Germany.

Engineering service

Well thought-out functionality is the basic premise. For us this means putting all parameters to the test as early as during the production development stage. Can we raise the economic efficiency further, have we thought of everything as regards control, are we exhausting every potential of the regulation technology? For these reasons, we always have the whole in view, do not overlook any detail and consider today the possible requirements of tomorrow. In this way, we are able to offer our customers services and machinery that always have a piece of the future planned into them.
edry mittig
Thinking about tomorrow

The environment

We feel committed to the sustainable economy and the careful use of resources.
Therefore, it is a matter of course for us that we should even exceed legal environmental standards whenever possible. Our developments are always aimed at easing the burden noticeably on the environment too. For example, the eDRY process developed by us reduces the total energy need of granule dryers by over 30%.
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