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SIMAR Abscheider FX 3584

Centralized conveying system

For the feeding of processing machines, day bins and drying silos. The separators AX2084 and AX2584 in a centralized vacuum conveying system are the economic form of supplying material to processing machines. Stainless steel design with hinged top, adjustable discharging flap with outside installed magnetic switch and an interchangeable feeding pipe enables feeding systems with a conveying duct of 38 and 50 mm. An integrated conveying valve can be used for interconnected conveying ducts with a troublefree function.

  • Dust free operation by using seperators without any filters
  • Modular system design
  • Free programmable control system
  • High reliability in service
  • Machine related or material related design

In addition the models AX 2082 and AX2084 for small amounts and models AX 3584 and AX 5084 for higher amounts are available.

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SIMAR Standby Becker

Centralized control with filter and need-based standbye unit


SIMAR Kuppeltisch 1

Coupling table


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